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In-Person Course Offerings

Level 1 Neuro Fascial Conditioning™ and Rib Entrapment Syndrome Therapy™ Clinic

The Missing Link to Whole Horse Symmetry!

Level 2 Foundation Myofascial Bodywork Certification Course

Learn how to effectively release tension and pain in the myofascial and muscular tissues of the body. Emphasis of course is on functional anatomy, movement, and learning the "Art of Feel" for a variety of massage and myofascial release techniques.

Level 3 Advanced Rib Entrapment & Passive Joint Mobilization

Learn how to balance the rib cage in relation to the thoracic sling, pelvic sling, and spine.

Foundation Fascia & Equikinetic Myofascial Lines

Demystify fascia by learning about its components, properties, and functions.

You will become acquainted with the 12 myofascial lines and common imbalances in each and how to spot them.

Beginner Kinesiology Taping for Horse & Rider

Learn the fundamentals of Kinesiotaping and the Top 10 Taping Protocols from an FEI Permitted Equine Therapist

Electro Fascial Stim

Combo of Myofascial 2 Point Therapy™ with TENS applications to reduce pain & increase proprioception.

Reiki Workshop

Healing Light Touch Modality that connects with the universal energy for whole being regeneration.

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