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Level 3
Joint Mobilization & REST™

Learn how to "bring it all together" and balance the equine muscloskeletal system.

In this class you will learn advanced rib entrapment therapy techniques and passive, soft tissue joint mobilizations.

We will take a deeper dive in the study of the Equine Myofascial Kinetic lines, common equine kinetic line asymmetry patterns, and how to balance them.

Rib rotations and asymmetry patterns will be taught and how to balance each section of the ribs.

Joint mobilizations using gentle, soft tissue repatterning techniques will be taught in a one on one basis with Christy to unsure the correct hand placement and "feel" is achieved for effortless results.


This 3-4 day immersive course is limited to students that have completed Level 1 and Level 2, or for current equine bodywork profressionals that have completed Level 1 and have a solid anatomy and bodywork foundation certification. (Please no online certifications)


Course includes pre-learning materials.

Each day we will begin with a short presentation and the remainder of the day will be working on horses.

We will begin with asessments, then NFC on the rib slings and move into learning advanced work.


Meeting Christy and having the opportunity to attend both her NFC class and Advanced Rib Entrapment class was surely part of some greater cosmic plan. Her knowledge, her assessment protocol and techniques, and her mentorship have completely transformed the way I assess and treat every horse. What I have learned from her has not only altered how I approach each horse and session, but has completely altered the trajectory of my career and my life. Since completing the certification, I have helped countless horses in ways I never thought possible. Word has gotten out, and I find myself in demand with clients. Since completing certification, and inspired by Christy, I have invested in a MagnaWave PEMF to add to my services as well, further catapulting my career to the next level and beyond.

As a direct result of what I have learned from Christy, I am no longer a simple massage therapist, but rather a body worker who can make real changes in a horse in short time.


The advanced course is demanding and relies heavily on a thorough understanding of anatomy. The education transcends what we think of as traditional massage into a whole other realm of anatomy and techniques. It is unlike anything you've ever been taught before, and it is changing the lives of horses in such a positive way, you cannot help but be affected positively as well.



Amy O'Brien


Smooth Moves MassageWare, Ma

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