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Summer, Fall, & Winter 2024
Clinic Schedule

  • July 19-21 Brokenhurst, UK

Level 1 NFC & REST™ FULL

  • July 26-28 Tuscany, Italy

Level 1 NFC & REST™ FULL

  • August 22-25 Louisburg, NC

 Level 3 Advanced Work &  Joint Mobilization ZENMA Cert. Program FULL

  •  August 31-Sept 1 Mansfield, GA

Level 1 NFC & REST™  (Professionals) 2 spots

  • Sept 7-9 Equitopia Center, CA

 Level 1 NFC & REST™ 

  • Sept 11-15 Equitopia Center, CA

Level 2 Myofascial Bodywork & Anatomy  ZENMA Cert. Program

  •  Oct. 24-28 Ocala, GA

 Level 2 Myofascial Bodywork & Anatomy     ZENMA Cert. Program

  •  November, Springfield, MA

Level 1 NFC & REST™ 


  • Dec. 13-15 Alpharetta, GA

Level 3 Advanced Work &  Joint Mobilization ZENMA Cert. Program


ZENMA wellness™
is on the forefront of innovative equine bodywork techniques and education.

Out of a strong passion and never ending commitment to be of service to the horse spanning two decades, Christy DiColla has developed the innovative Neuro Fascial Condtioning™ and Rib Entrapment Syndrome Therapy™ (REST™) methods to balance out the equine myofascial kinetic lines and rib cage asymmetries to restore whole horse wellness.

Her ground breaking theory and coined term of

 "Rib Entrapment Syndrome" is currently under research to prove that it may be a leading contributing factor to common equine muscloskeletal imbalances.

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Intuitive, Intelligent, & Intentional
Bodywork Education

At ZENMA wellness™, we cover a full-range of courses across all levels of experience and education. We specialize in Christy's unique Rib Entrapment Therapy™ and Neuro Fascial Conditioning™ Therapy to restore functionality and complete wellness to the whole horse. 

Our courses are based on results driven, real world applications. We go beyond theory and give you solutions to restore balance and soundness to your equine partner.

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Online Courses

As a passionate Online School, we take great pride in every course we teach. We have a highly interactive and engaging teaching style for every style of learning. From videos, original art, and powerpoints, we have made learning both fun and easy.

New instructors are added regularly so be sure to check back often for new courses!

Scroll below to book a course.


Hands-On Clinics

Zenma offers a variety of 2,3,& 4 day clinics to further your learning journey. Hands-on clinics directly correlate with our online courses to make learning more comprehensive. We use equine skeletal bones and video assessments to further the learning process. We aim to create a safe, non-judgemental zone for optimal learning. After attending our clinics, you will never look at or touch a horse the same way again! 


Equine Bodywork
Certification Courses


Zenma Equine Bodyworker certifications are offered to select individuals. Our certification process spans a wide range of therapies and wellness modalities so that students have a well-rounded education to best serve the equine industry.  Upon graduation, students will be added in our national database, and be promoted as a trusted equine wellness profressional.

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Glowing Reviews


Julie Shannon,
Owner & Head Dressage Trainer at
Shannondale Farm,USEF Elite Training Center; Alpharetta, GA

"Having been beneficiary of Christy's Rib Entrapment Syndrome Therapy™,(REST™),

I am so happy to see her sharing it with others!

100% confirmed improvement! Christy's techniques enhance muscle performance and she has been part of Shannondale Farms regular wellness care for our equine athletes for close to a decade!

The horse's are her biggest fans!"


Kaydee Barker, 
KMB Therapeutic Bodywork


Christy is a phenomenal instructor. Organized, knowledgeable, science backed research shared in an easy to understand model. From the pre-learning course to the format of teaching, I was able to follow along easily and efficiently. I have been researching different instructors who actively practice what they preach, and Christy was the one for me. Learning from an FEI approved certified practitioner made me feel confident I was learning proper techniques. Her vision is what the equine world needs.


Yasmin Stuart,
Equine Physio Therapist, Educator, and BTMM Instructor

This weekend was a game changer.

Christy DiColla is on to something incredible with her work on Neuro Fascial Conditioning™, and Rib Entrapment Therapy™ - her knowledge and diligence around her life's work is second to none and I am beyond grateful for her sharing it with our group.

will friday 2_edited.jpg

Will Friday,
Performance Equine Bodywork, Masterson Method Practitioner and Instructor

Mind and heart full after a ZENMA wellness™ Neuro Fascial Conditioning™ clinic. Incredible weekend. Very grateful to Christy DiColla for sharing her brilliance. I've got a stack of material to review and so many rabbit holes to explore, and learing about structures and systems that are opening my eyes to so many new possibilities. 

Mary Gilroy, Toronto, Canada

Osteopath Manual Practitioner

“Awesome class! Well presented and informative. It filled in a lot of  missing pieces and connected the dots between science and bodywork. I recommend this class to everyone no matter their skill level.”

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ZENMA wellness™

ZENMA Equine Wellness Institute™ was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision, and a ceaseless commitment to making learning easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Zenma wellness was founded by

FEI permitted therapist & Integrated Movement Specialist Christy DiColla. Her vision was to create a safe place where horse owners and professionals could empower themselves to advance a better world for horses through evidence based education.


Christy's unique approach to learning is designed to provide students with the opportunity to get an education from a variety of like minded industry professionals. 

She believes in a WHOLE HORSE approach to wellness that is inclusive to all modalities. At ZENMA wellness, we allow the horse to be first and foremost our greatest teachers, and it is thru listening to them, that we can begin to intuit a better life with these beloved creatures.


ZENMA wellness invites you to explore our diverse course offerings designed for learners from all backgrounds and levels.

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