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Image by Louise Pilgaard

Equine Myofascial Kinetic Line Essentials

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Dive in to the fascinating realm of equine myofascial kinetic lines anatomy and function with this in-depth program. Explore assessments and common asymmetries with the aid of original hand-drawn artwork based on Rikke Schultz's pioneering research paper and case studies based off of a decade of experience balancing these lines with structural integration therapies. Gain a deep understanding of equine musculoskeletal tensegrity dynamics and learn to identify and address issues through a unique perspective. The equine myofascial kinetic lines is your "roap map" to the equine body and can help you trace postural and soundness issues back to their source. Crafted with equestrians in mind, this intricate subject has been simplified to resonate with and be comprehensible to individuals of all skill levels. This course offers a perfect blend of science-backed theory and practice-based evidence to elevate your horsemanship. -Explore the most recent findings about fascia, muscles, and movement. -Gain the ability to recognize the 12 Equine Myofascial Kinetic Lines. -Skillfully assess posture and movement through "Body Reading" to evaluate horses in a fresh manner. -Clarify Tensegrity principles and study anatomical groupings based on this concept. -Study the detailed anatomy of the 12 lines with unique hand-drawn illustrations inspired by Rikke Shultz's original research. -Understand common asymmetry patterns within the equine myofascial lines. -Identify body rotations and potential treatment approaches to restore balance. -Learn about the "Rib Sling" anatomy and how rib cage and pelvic rotations can be influenced by strain from asymmetric myofascial kinetic lines. -Explore potential connections between hoof imbalances and unbalanced Myofascial Kinetic Lines. Change your perspective on horse posture and movement dynamics to enhance your ability to make enduring improvements in equine wellness.





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