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Level 1 NFC™ & REST™ Clinic On-Line Module

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This in-person 3 day clinic on the Equine Myofascial Kinetic Lines, beginner Neuro Fascial Condtioning™, and beginner Rib Entrapment Syndrome Therapy™ offers new techniques and insights on how to balance the equine body and mind. With an FEI Permitted experienced instructor, you will gain a deeper understanding of the equine myofascial system and techniques you can employ immediately to improve your horse's well-being. This is the on-line theory component of the course and will be available when your deposit is paid upon registration. This course covers: -Basic Anatomy -Fascia 101 -Myofascial Kinetic Line 101 -Asessment Protocols -The Art of Feel -IASTM tool for Neuro Fascial Conditioning -Beginner Rib Entrapment Syndrome Therapy Experience the transformative power of NFC™ & REST™ to balance the equine myofascial kinetic lines.




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